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The Sustainable Human Project

Introducing Phil Dunn and the thoughts behind this idea

The Sustainable Human Project was conceived as a mixture of a personal challenge and an outward commitment to explore, educate, and engage with the important concepts of food security in the time of pandemic, and a social sustainability ideal of how growing food together might also "grow" a community. The challenge of 365 days of eating only food grown in The Sustainable City was one that I thought was crazy enough to keep me willfully striving, and just possible enough to perhaps, be completed.

As the Landscape Architect responsible for the design and construction of The Sustainable City development in Dubai, and also as a resident here raising my family, I have a deep connection to this place. It was always envisaged that the landscape here was not just beautiful, but would also be productive (grow food) and feed the residents. It is now time to put this productive landscape of The Sustainable City to the test, and this next year will be one of exploration and learning about what it takes to eat from my neighbourhood urban environment, with much support from my fellow humans.

I like to think of this project in terms of humans and humanity, because Nature will find Her way to continue on without us humans here, but humanity won't continue on without Her. That's why it's called The Sustainable Human Project; it is as much about figuring out what it might take to "sustain" me as an individual as it is about figuring out what humans might do to sustain humankind.

In order to understand The Sustainable Human Project better, I will use this blog and the following posts to explain the who, what, where, when, and how of things around; what and where The Sustainable City is, the particular project rules to be followed in my life for the next year, what I will be eating, how the food will be grown, and introduce you to who the important people are that I will collaborate with along the way.

Join me on this journey, and let's explore deeper together what it might mean to be a sustainable human.

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